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Porsche Salt Lake City Ratings and Reviews

Below you will find customer reviews.   Click here to tell us what you think.

Jeffrey R. | UT | 2018-04-17

Porsche SLC always makes this process very easy. Everyone there is fantastic, Val, Mike, Penny, Corey, etc. I can’t say enough good things about everyone


Roger W. | UT | 2018-04-18

Corey always treats me like I am his only customer. He is personable and knowledgeable, he always answers my questions and explains everything in detail.

Skip D. | UT | 2018-04-20

I had always wanted a Porsche. I own an 02 Thunderbird For fun. I’ve owned Corvettes, Cadillacs, Jeeps and Mercedes. But up until now not a Porsche. Now

I don’t know why I waited. Z. A. Konarski was instrumental in helping me see what I was missing. I have come to know that he has helped many of my friends

with their purchases of Porsche. And each of them had just as good an experience as I did. It’s a perfectly engineered vehicle; fast, responsive, smooth and

solid. Not to mention a blast to drive. I love my new Porsche!

The most fun I have ever had buying a car!

Brian C. | UT | 2018-04-24

Teddy was great to work with. I am very happy with the purchase.

Ryan B. | UT | 2018-05-01

Daniel Eastman is the reason I bought my car.

Bruce W. | UT | 2018-05-01

Great job! Wouldn't expect anything less.

Kent H. | UT | 2018-05-01

As always they did a great job. Porsche SLC is always exceptionally friendly and professional.

Wes H. | UT | 2018-05-04

Always treated with the highest degree of professionalism and integrity. Kudos to Corey Layton. A+++

Kevin L. | UT | 2018-05-07

This is our second purchase from this dealership, we would highly recommend it to our family and friends. Teddy did a great job!! He's an asset to this

company and we won't go any place else to purchase a Porsche. The Finance guy was very thorough and it was a smooth transition!! Couldn't say enough

good things about this dealership. Thank you

Florian S. | UT | 2018-05-15

The service team is very courteous, fast in their responses and flexible. The willingness to pick up and return all our vehicles is exceptional and very valuable.

Terry B. | UT | 2018-05-16

Enjoy the mechanics at the dealership. Larry Moulton is the most knowledgeable Porsche Mechanic I know, Strong is lucky to have him on their team.

Scott M. | UT | 2018-05-18

Good honest advice about service needs.

Ramakrishna & Prasanna R. | UT | 2018-04-16

We purchased a 2018 Porsche Macan S from Strong Porsche of Salt Lake recently and wish to share our delightful experience at this dealership. We are familiar with the Strong Porsche Team since the purchase of our Porsche Cayenne in 2011. Franz Siep, a long term salesman at Strong Porsche, assisted us in finding a vehicle with the packages and options we wanted. What makes our experience with Strong Porsche exceptional is the genuinely friendly, courteous, thoughtful, and thoroughly enjoyable treatment rendered by an impressive team of tremendously competent, knowledgeable, and outstanding professionals. Mike Baich, the General Manager, always finds time to know his customers. He makes it a point to ensure that the needs of the customers are met promptly and satisfactorily. He is gentle, generous, and helps get the best deal possible to his customers. He is an amazingly delightful manager. Strong Porsche’s Sales Manager, Jeff Sandstrom, is a dynamo. He was generous with his time and patiently explained various purchasing, leasing, and service options. He made the purchase of our Macan S a pleasurable experience with a generous offer. He made us feel comfortable by avoiding lengthy, tedious, and protracted negotiations which we dreaded the most. Corey Layton and his competent team of professionals provided excellent service, gave us courtesy loaner car each time, and impressed us with their accurate estimates and completion of service according to promised schedule. We enjoy our Cayenne and we are thrilled with our Macan. We recommend Strong Porsche of Salt Lake to people interested in owning or leasing a luxury vehicle because we know that it is the best dealership with friendly, honest, and professional people led by able leaders.

Lauralee D. | UT | 2018-04-16

We purchased our first Porsche at Porsche Salt Lake City, working with Z.A. Konarski as our sales representative. He was so enthusiastic about these Porsche automobiles; very knowledgeable, and it feels like we are now good friends. He and all the people at Porsche SLC made this the best car buying experience we've ever had. We are so impressed with our new Macan S, and the entire experience with these good people. It won't be our last time in.

Mark B. | UT | 2018-04-16

My first visit to this dealership - Porsche Salt Lake City. Friendly service, took care for my service needs quickly and professionally. Thank You!

Prasanna R. | UT | 2018-04-13

I was given VIP treatment and loved it all. The sale/lease option was explained to me in great detail because I asked about it. There was never any pressure

to buy or lease and that I truly appreciated. I was given private time to talk things over with my husband. I truly value the service provided. I was even taught

to pronounce Porsche the German way!!!!!!!! I teach English and thought that was a really good touch!

Steven D. | UT | 2018-04-13

Great Dealership. Great sales person (Franz)

Jaime B. | UT | 2018-03-14

Alex and the entire parts department crew are simply amazing. They are friendly, helpful, and courteous whether you are ordering a thousand dollar part or something that costs only a few bucks. Corey and Eric in the service department are excellent as well. Thanks guys for all of the great experiences doing business with you.

Steven H. | CA | 2018-03-14

The sales, finance and parts department were outstanding. I flew to Salt Lake from San Jose, the salesman picked me up a the airport, the paperwork and

familiarization were done efficiently and I drove home the same day.

The Macan ran and drove perfectly.

Shawn L. | UT | 2018-03-20

Corey Layton is terrific - consistently provides the
best service experience of any brand I've owned.

Joanna E. | UT | 2018-03-20

Porsche Salt Lake City is my favorite Porsche
dealer!!!! They are so friendly and honest!!

Mary M. | UT | 2018-03-20

Loved Daniel and Penny. They were awesome, made the process really easy.

Mark K. | UT | 2018-03-20

I feel like I am "Royalty" when I visit Porsche Salt Lake for Sales AND Service!

John D. | UT | 2018-03-21

ZA is an amazing person to work with. Even though I could probably negotiate better prices from other sales reps, I greatly value the relationships he builds

with people far more than some cost savings. I'm also a big fan of everyone I've interacted with at this dealership: everyone is very friendly, thoughtful, and

courteous. If I could give 11's on your scale, I would =)

Earl S. | UT | 2018-03-21

The dealership is always easy to deal with when I need to schedule service for my vehicle. I always request a loaner vehicle when making the appointment

and I always receive one. This recall service took longer to schedule because I had to change the appointment twice due to weather and a vacation and they

are very accommodating.

Byron B. | UT | 2018-03-22

My wife and I have done business with Strong Porsche and Audi group since 2001. We have always been

very happy with all aspects of their business. And will continue for the next many years.

William G. | UT | 2018-04-09

ZA expertly guided me through the process.

Robert L. | UT | 2018-04-10

Yes, Porsche Salt Lake City has always done exceptional work on my car! This is the only place that I take my 911 for service period! I have never been

disappointed in any service or treatment at Porsche Salt Lake City.


David M. | UT | 2018-04-11

Corey Layton is a very good service advisor, always kind and helpful. Very easy to work with.

Brian K. | NY | 2018-02-20

I have purchased two cayenne s vehicles from Franz Siep, sight unseen, CPO, without a PPI, and shipped from Utah to New York. The cars were exceptional.

Both cars had exemplary service records at Strong. The 2011 Cayenne S was mind blowing. No one could believe that it wasn’t a new car. It was just that

good. I was paralyzed in a recent ski racing incident. I had to sell a beloved C4S coupe to a PCA friend because it was manual and I now need tip. I traded in

my black cab to Strong on this purchase. I will no doubt try to replace the w cars from Franz when time right and right cars come along.

Joseph M. | UT | 2018-02-26

Wonderful customer service. They really make you feel part of a family. Cory combines an unusual amount of knowledge with interpersonal skills.

Robert J. | UT | 2018-02-26

34 years of great service from Porsche of Salt Lake. Thank you all.

David N. | UT | 2018-03-05

ZA is the king of Selling Porsche vehicles. Love working with him. Mike is also a rock star as is Jeff in Finance. Love the Stong Porsche team.


Steven T. | UT | 2018-03-06

A very simple easy process. Everyone there was like a friend.

Troy W. | UT | 2018-03-07

Love the dealership and the service department. Cory is the best!

Kenneth P. | UT | 2018-03-09

Stopped by to look and was greeted by salesman, Daniel, who gave us such a treat with his knowledge of Porsche and view of his inventory...I would definitely buy a car from him.




Brent A. | UT | 2018-03-14

A great dealership
and I especially enjoyed working with Daniel. He was very helpful, and went out
of his way to make certain all of my questions were answered. I have never
dealt with this dealer before since this is my first Porsche, but if the rest
of the people are anything like Daniel, I am certain I will be very happy. I
feel that they definitely treated me right. I would recommend them to others

Byron B. | UT | 2017-12-27

Just a quick note on the friendliness, professionalism and pure enjoyment of the purchase of my C4S by my salesman and the complete staff at Porsche of SLC.


Gal B. | UT | 2018-01-03

Daniel Eastman, the guy I bought the car from, is a very big reason for why I have bought 4 Porsches in 3 years.

Dean G. | UT | 2018-01-08

Great experience in purchasing my new Porsche, everyone there was terrific.

Andrew S. | UT | 2018-01-11

The most pleasant and comfortable experience I've ever had purchasing a vehicle. Daniel my salesman was amazing to deal with and knows the product line

extremely well and made my decision to buy the right car very easy. No pressure and explained evert step of the process and every detail of the vehicle.

Clean well organized facility and made my buying experience very easy to choose this dealership and brand.

Dena F. | UT | 2018-01-11

Our Sales Manager, Jeff Sandstrom was the cherry on top. A true professional and true gentleman. I can't say enough about our positive experience with him.


Richard N. | UT | 2018-02-02

The service department at Dave Strong Porsche is consistently delightful to deal with and they do terrific work. The prices there are high, as you'd expect at a

dealer, but the charge for this visit was very modest. I'm a fan of the Dave Strong team!

Kerry S. | UT | 2018-02-02

Yes and this is a bit embarrassing, I showed up a day early, they didn't point out my mistake, but instead checked me in, walked around the car with me, gave me an estimate and I left to my office. On my return the car wash clean, my bill was correct and in minutes I was on my way. It was not until the next day when my calendar reminded me of the appointment, it was only then, that I knew of my mistake.

Jannice A. | UT | 2018-02-07

Love S.L.C. Porsche. Definitely a step up from my previous dealer. I will do all my service in S.L.C.

Pete W. | UT | 2018-02-12

Best dealership experience I have witnessed

Robert M. | UT | 2018-02-12

This dealership represents the highest standards of Porsche! Every person at the dealership was friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to be as helpful as

possible. I encourage friends and family to purchase vehicles from Porsche Salt Lake!

Wes H. | UT | 2018-02-15

Corey Layton is the reason I service my car at Porsche SLC. Honest, helpful, friendly, knowledgeable. Porsche Lehi is closer but the service experience at

Porsche SLC is much better. He makes the longer drive completely worth it. I will buy future cars at Porsche SLC because of the superior service


Steve D. | UT | 2018-02-19

Franz is the best! Corey in service . Just a great experience.

Robert R. | UT | 2018-02-19

Great job and treated very well as usual

Kenneth C. | UT | 2017-12-19

“Daniel was extremely knowledgeable about our Cayenne and Porsche in general. It was very nice to have someone that actually knew about the vehicle we were purchasing. I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy a Porsche.”

Robert A. | UT | 2017-12-19

“Dealership exudes quality, confidentiality, expertise, & passion. All characteristics that I measure as extremely important. Michael Baich, General Manager has extended himself on several occasions to know me. Daniel Eastman - Sales, is extremely knowledgeable & guided me through my due diligence. As mentioned, Corey Layton - Service has been responsive to all questions.”

Ted F. | UT | 2017-11-28

Great group of people, Thank you Porsche – Ted Fowler

Larry M. | UT | 2017-10-10

Truly the best experience buying a car I've ever had. Many thanks to the team in SLC

Kathrine S. | UT | 2017-11-28

Excellent dealership. Ted Polovoy is best sales person I have experience with and I buy 6 vehicles per year – Kathrine Stephan

John D. | UT | 2017-10-06

"ZA was the most knowledgable and passionate car enthusiast I have ever bought a car from. And that's no small thing to say as I have owned new Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Ferrari, etc. In fact, he's the first sales person I've ever met who wore driving shoes! I hope he keeps selling Porsches for a long time b/c I'm a big fan of his and I hope to be able to work my way up to a Turbo S someday."

Rod C. | OR | 2017-09-27

"Daniel my sales person was very courteous, professional, and a true ambassador of the brand. Please pass along a huge kudos to him, I can't say enough kind words about this man. I would trust him with anything and I have never met him in person, that says a lot."

Dave H. | UT | 2017-09-06

I can't imagine a better dealership to work with. From the start of the purchase through every service of my Porsche, I've been treated like the VIP I've always wanted to be. My thanks to the whole Porsche Salt Lake team. You'll be seeing me again and again.

Lorin L. | UT | 2017-08-28

I filled out this survey in anticipation for this part of the questionnaire because I have never had such an OUTSTANDING experience purchasing a car. EVER! I have purchased many adult cars in my life - BMW's, Mercedes, Infiniti, Range Rovers, other Porsches- but have never had such a good experience as I did at SLC Porsche! Daniel Eastman (sales) is phenomenal in every way. He has been responsive, effecient, he understood everything we needed/wanted, he was extremely proffesional and made purchasing this car a thrill (and that is exceptional having already purchased so many cars before)! Mike Baich was extraordinary! His kindness and commitment to help us get the best deal possible was evident in everything he did. I have never felt so "important" as a customer before and it was a really special experience. Penny (finance) was also incredible! She was efficient, smart, kind, and she made this part of the process enjoyable! Honestly, I can't express my appreciation enough to this incredible team of professionals at SLC Porsche! If you want to model how business should be done, visit this dealership. I will be a customer for life!!! THANK YOU, DEAR FRIENDS (Daniel, Mike, and Pennny)!!!!

Russel T. | CO | 2017-07-31

I grew up in Salt Lake and purchased 3 Porsches from this dealership before moving to Colorado. When considering the new Cayman, I test drove an identical vehicle at a Denver dealership but found them less desirable to do business with. It was worth driving the 500 miles to Salt Lake City to pick up the new car. My salesman, Daniel Eastman, was a delight to work with and have been in contact since. Also enjoyed the speed and professionalism of working with Penny Pilley, Finance Manager. I plan on stopping in at the dealership to say hello when I return there to spectate at the Pirelli World Championships and root for the Flying Lizard team!

Russell T.

Tim M. | CO | 2017-08-29

Both my salesman, Val Kransky and Mike Baich went beyond expectations to make sure my Panamera was exactly what I wanted. I was so happy I sent them both candy. Truly a great experience, including Penny Pilley completing the paperwork smoothly and efficiently.

Russell F. | UT | 2017-07-20

It was the easiest and best experience to buying a vehicle. Daniel was outstanding, the best sales person I have interacted with for any product. He was responsive and informative and gave great advice. Penny in Finance had everything done and I can't believe how fast and efficient the paperwork process was for us.

David S. | UT | 2017-06-09

Daniel was amazing! He listened to what we wanted and is very knowledgeable. We have purchased many new cars, this was one of the best experiences EVER and we credit Daniel with it. He was very attentive, yet gave us the space when we wanted to just look around. He truly cares about the customer and loves what he does.


Mark K. | UT | 2017-06-09

I feel totally respected and appreciated by every person I work with at the dealership and my salesman, Teddy Polevoy is the best of the best!

Valory D. | UT | 2017-04-25

Z.A. Just wanted to thank you for your impeccable service. Love my new Porsche! Valory DeVico

JB L. | UT | 2017-05-11

I trust Daniel Eastman. He represents Strong and Porsche as well as they or I could ask. Thanks, Daniel. Car #3. #4, soon maybe!

Chris A. | UT | 2016-09-30

This was the 4th Porsche my husband and I have purchased from Porsche Salt Lake City. This is my first as my primary daily car. The team at Porsche Sale Lake City are the best before, during, and after the sale. Every time I go there I am treated as important as a brand new buyer. Service is excellent. Porsche Salt Lake City is an important part to the "Porsche experience". And I like the Porsche retail store too.

-Chris Anthony

Marc S. | UT | 2016-06-29

Just a note to thank you and Jeff for making the purchase of the 2017 Macan
such a pleasant experience. 
The way you both worked to make this deal happen is greatly appreciated. The
professionalism and thoughtfulness did not go unnoticed.
All the best.


Steven F. | WY | 2016-06-30

I bought this vehicle with a simple phone call to "Teddy" the salesman who sent me photos to my email. When I rolled in to Salt Lake City from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the staff expedited the paper work and I was on my way back home before noon. My wife is so thrilled about her new Porsche that I have already told Teddy to order a new 2018 Macan Turbo as soon as the new orders can be submitted. And I have already had two friends I have referred to Teddy at Salt Lake City Porsche.

Tami B. | UT | 2016-07-16

Trusted the dealership and loved the car!

Bradford J. | UT | 2016-07-30

I showed up on a Saturday morning on my Harley and definitely didn't look the part of a typical Porsche owner. My salesman, Ted, did an great job of listening to my goals and then did put me in the right car for a test drive. I drove my Panamera Turbo over in the afternoon and purchased my new 911. The purchase experience was outstanding. I was literally in the dealership less than one hour to complete the process.

Karlos P. | UT | 2016-08-03

Wish I could have met Ted personally, his personality and attentiveness was exceptional. Other Porsche dealerships tended to pre-judge "The book by its cover" and lost my business.


Jeff T. | UT | 2016-06-15

"Teddy and the entire team made us feel like Norm at the bar cheers; very welcome!"

Ed | UT | 2016-03-03

When I bought my used P-car here, they were very fair, and I felt I got a good price. The service department has always been good to me - once even swapping out brake pads for me with no charge for parts or labor - a major surprise. They have even taken the car in emergency situations, and gotten it back to me same day, and they have a driver who will shuttle you around as needed. Strong is the only place I've ever taken my Porsche, and I will be back to buy my next one.

DP | UT | 2016-03-03

Ted, I love the ride. Think we got a great deal. Doing 90 down I15 - feels like 50. Thanks for your help. I'll be a customer again.

Steve F. | UT | 2016-03-03

Jeff Sandstrom is a true asset to the Strong dynamic, ZA is a true professional, for quality customer service and product knowledge there is none better. Thanks!!

Julie | UT | 2016-03-03

Great service. And Z.A. tops the list of true, honest salesmen.

Dave L. | UT | 2016-03-03

I bought a Cayman S from Strong Porsche and very much enjoyed the total experience. Val is an awesome sales guy, Jeff makes the finance portion of the transaction a breeze, Mike's a great manager and Jason makes servicing your car a snap. I would highly suggest considering Strong Porsche for your next Porsche experience.

Rick M. | UT | 2016-03-03

What an outstanding dealership. Great service!

S. Clark | UT | 2015-12-11

This is the second Porsche I have bought from Teddy in the last 2 years. Both transactions took less than a hour. It was a privilege to buy from Porsche of Salt Lake City.

Kevin J. | UT | 2015-12-11

I drive all the way from American Fork to have my 996 serviced. The service department has been fantastic! They always explain and tell me the bottom line.

Mel | UT | 2016-03-03

ZA, I received the tire sealant tube and I want to thank you for your quick help. My experience with Strong Porsche has been outstanding and you are the main reason. I wish I lived closer where I could use your service department for my regular maintenance and especially for any surprise issues that may arise in the future. I just wanted to thank you for your help and to let your management know I appreciate it. With best wishes, Mel

Myra | UT | 2016-03-03

Jeff, I just wanted to take an extra minute and say what a pleasure it was meeting you and doing business with you and z.a.. any member of the Dave Strong group never disappoints us and that is why we return time and time again. ZA, i wanted to take a minute and thank you so very much for all you do. i remembered when we first met in 2010. i don't know if you recall but back then you sent me a full catalog of the then new panamera. I recalled out brief conversation and even in that short time we spent visiting on the new panamera you left enough of an impression that i remembered you as my sales rep now, 3 years later. it was a pleasure meeting you then, and i must say it is a pleasure being reacquainted with you now. it is very obvious that you are a valued professional in your field and that you take pride in your work. what a treasure you are. I look forward to seeing you again. Myra

Joel C. | UT | 2016-03-03

WIth the help of Ted Polevoy at Strong Porsche and my new Panamera, not only am I "Driving the Dream', it has also helped me become the 2012 Salesman of the Year with the Salt Lake Board of Realtors. 

Don S. | UT | 2016-03-03

Working with ZA Karnaski was a dream. We have shopped at many dealerships but no more. He is our salesman for life. Thanks ZA.. Don

Chad D. | WY | 2016-03-03

I recently had my boxter towed in to have a ignition key replaced... when i first called i was greated by a gentelman by the name of brett cook in parts where he was very profesional and concerned on my needs to help me to get my new key ordered and replaced. when me and my porshe arived i was greated by another gentelman by the name of corey layton in service and he also was very profesional and courtious, as he worked as a team with brett to get my boxter fixed along with also a bad security box swith that was found later in replacing the key durring the repair.. over all it was great customer service experience with brett and corey that way exceeded my expectation's in a very timley matter. i would like to thank these employee's of dave stong porshe as they are a true asset to this company and i will definitly be back in the future for my porshe service and repairs! MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of strong porshe employees , chad/wendover

Lee | UT | 2016-03-03

Mr. Kranski was certainly knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. It's hard to imagine where else I might have gone. The new 991 is a dream.

Mike B. | NV | 2016-03-03

HI TED: Made the drive to LV. Late night drive on I-15 with little traffic. Car drove and performed perfectly. I am very happy with the car and how you and the dealership handled everything. You have a new long-term customer. All the best, MIKE

Nazy G. | UT | 2016-03-03

We've had such a great experience here that we've bought 3 cars from them! Everyone is friendly, helpful and very courteous. The prompt attention to our concerns is greatly appreciated. Corey in service is always friendly and kind and always makes sure that our cars are taken care of appropriately. Mike, the GM, is a true gentleman. He understands great customer service, which is why we keep comIng back. Franz in sales took the time to really get to know us and each time consulted with us on configuring the cars exactly to our tastes. A true professional. We would highly recommend this establishment.

OreoGT3 | UT | 2016-03-03

I just took delivery of my 2010 Porsche GT3 that was purchased from the Team at Strong. Jeff and Val handled the process which was done mainly via text. They were easy to deal with and very professional. Mind you this entire transaction was done site-unseen. They took my trade, 2007 Carrera S and delivered the GT3 in the condition they claimed it to be. I highly recommend this Dealer.

Ron | UT | 2016-03-03

Great place to buy and service your Porsche! Everyone is so friendly and courteous. I have purchased several Porsches from Franz Siep over the years and will continue to do so. When I come in and Franz is not there ZA is always willing to assist me and he has the best looking jackets around, despite them being a little bit too big for him. I can't wait for my grandchildren to become Strong customers as well. Thanks Strongs!

JP | UT | 2016-03-03

Strong Porsche is fabulous! ZA is the best looking and nicest car salesman I've ever known. He was very thorough in explaining my 911 Turbo to me when I purchased it. Corey the service advisor has been great in following up and helping me understand how to best keep it running supremely. Chelsey the cashier is always so friendly and smiling brightly. I'm now a Strong Porsche "lifer."

V.J. | UT | 2016-03-03

The service department is outstanding at Strong Porsche. They've always communicated what needed to be done to my car, provided accurate estimates, and met my needs with loaner cars. Everyone in the service department has gone above and beyond my requests. Yes, it's an expensive car, but bundling the after-the-sale items in has made it a much better value in my eyes.

Todd | UT | 2016-03-03

Thank you for helping those in need with your food drive!

Matt | UT | 2016-03-03

Big fan of the way these guys do business! It's a great time every time I'm there.

James | UT | 2016-03-03

Thank you for the "Winter Weather Clinic". As a new (sind 15 Jul) Boxster owner it was very nice and helpful to be able to chat with the tech and get answers to my specific questions. Thanks for the opportunity. JRS

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